Zimbabwe: The total liar – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary, 29th August 2015

Published September 2, 2015 by godshope1971

‘There are lies, damned lies and statistics’ goes the saying. Mugabe ticked all these boxes in his State of the Nation Address to Parliament. From his preliminary lie boasting of ‘peace and stability’, to his damned lie about tackling corruption to his ludicrous growth statistics, he was the total liar.

We at the Vigil were cheered that the Address was mocked by opposition MPs, who jeered at his fantasy plan to turn around the collapsing economy – a plan which Morgan Tsvangirai said was ‘out of touch with reality’. He urged Mugabe to step down and call early elections, promising he would not enter another unity government.

Zimbabwean economist John Robertson said the State of the Nation Address was clueless and ‘failed to provide solutions to the challenges affecting the economy’. He added ‘’there is no admission that it is the government’s bad policies that have got us to where we are. They talk about revitalising agriculture but they do not talk about restoring the rule of law on land, security of tenure, property rights and funding’ (see: http://www.theindependent.co.zw/2015/08/28/govts-10-point-plan-a-worthless-dud/). ∞∞∞∞∞ MORE »»»»


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