Jordan: Dialogue with the “Mona Henning” Honorary Consul of Jordan in Sweden

Published August 29, 2015 by godshope1971

“Mrs. Mona Henning,” said Jordan’s honorary consul in Stockholm that the work of the consulate in Stockholm deals only with commercial transactions, either private transactions of the signing and ratification by or agencies of the birth certificates, marriage and divorce, they are from the Jordanian embassy in Berlin. It is not the prerogative of the honorary consuls.

In an interview with the newspaper “Arabs Nyheter” She added: We have to communicate with Almsaoan task in Sweden if so requested by us. There are mutual visits between Sweden and Jordan and these are pre-arranged an official and as we help our potential and we are our role here is honorary representation of the Ardennes. Honorary consuls mission is to connect people to each other.

And obstacles to tourism in Jordan indicated “Mona Henning” that obstacles promote tourism in Jordan fall under the same constraints for all countries of the world scale, when flare events in the area of ​​tourism will decline because the tourist looking for rest and recuperation and safety, we always say that Jordan is a country’s security , and as you know the Swedish tourist you see the news on television and others, but he has a good impression that Jordan is a stable country and the Secretary.

It continued: “Jordan reputation is excellent too, thank God. Swedes are unable to obtain a visa from the airport If your passport is valid for a minimum of 6 Shahur.hma and takes us back many calls from tourists who visited Jordan after their return to express their admiration for Jordan and the Jordanian people hospitable.” “But now Jordan is growing in the Arab tourists from the Gulf countries in the Middle East under a turbulent keep Jordan an oasis of security and safety, no doubt that tourism in Jordan have been affected but it remains the best choice in the region.”

“There is investment and tourism body which promotes tourism in Jordan, with a branch in Frankfurt and representatives in other European countries. Is promoted to Jordan and usually tourists Swedes on the Internet looking for tourist sites in Jordan. As some people visit the consulate to get leaflets and information on the Jordanian tourist sites, hotels and transportation inside Jordan and other information related to tourism. The consulate offers all the service and support as much as possible. ”

As for the number of Jordanian citizens in Sweden and their role in promoting Jordan culturally says: “Jordanian community several years ago were very few, but now, their numbers have increased. And please prove its existence acts and activities of civilization. Newly friendship association Jordanian Swedish founded in southern Sweden as well as the Jordanian Association Swedish kronor in Stockholm honorary consulate will be completed on the readiness to help. ”

Arab publishing house in Sweden:

Mona Henning Foundation’s first publishing house in the Arabic language in Sweden, a house semen, which was founded in 1984 and by accident she says, and adds: “It was my sister you visit me and I saw her read to their children books Ballah English, Vpadrtha How READ to your children in English and we have the Arabic language? She said no Arabic Books good for the kids and was a sister of the American population at the time and then already discovered that there was not a large amount of modern literary books dealing with child today, I love literature, although the studies are the pharmacy. I actually considered a product of thinking and educational trends in our societies which was exhorted to specialize scientific more than literary. Everybody wants to be a doctor or an engineer. Now you see now I’m working in a career is studied and the reason is that the tendencies were always literary. I remember I appealed to mothers and fathers in a radio interview in Amman to leave the field for their children that they decide to follow their studies and their preferences. ”

” I turned to literature and opened a publishing house. The translations carried out by the Dar Al Muna is the first translations in the Arab world to a recent children’s books. translation is after full-Kilani in Egypt in the first three decades of the last century completely stopped and stopped communication regarding children’s literature because he had not given such importance There was no awareness of the importance of this genre. came up to the 1979 United Nations announced this year and it called the year of childhood and then we discovered that we do not have the literacy materials free for children outside the school curriculum, like other countries in Europe, America, which owns the literature senior mature for children built over decades of production . ”

“When I started the translation and distribution, round, I saw how the kids about these books. As I entered the world in a very beautiful and decided to study literature and children’s literature in general, and are arranged at Stockholm University and graduated at the hands of senior doctors Swedish literature.”

Arab publishing house in Sweden and markets in the Arab world ∞∞∞∞∞ MORE »»»»


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