Israel: To attend the concert and participate in the division of the pie by d. Mustafa Yusuf Leddawi

Published August 28, 2015 by godshope1971

Brazenly and shame, and baseness and incivility, Israeli voice rises victory Arab man exhibition of the bombing and death, as if they were standing with him, and are winning for his life, and in favor of their demands, and Ihsenhm the injury and suffered, nor satisfy them what inflicts woes and misfortunes, at which time does not stop their planes for raiding, and rockets from the bombing, nor subside daily security operations, and operations raids and arrests, as if they were in Palestine, merciful, and with the Palestinian generous and discourage citizen, and good and honest and faithful, will not be wronged nor abuse, nor kill nor Agdron, as if they are the best example, and order the most appropriate, and the others to follow suit, and be like them and learn from them.

Israel is not absent from what is happening in the Arab region, it is the capital of follow up and monitor, but not innocent than it is to apply and planning, is that were not carried out their crimes with her hands, they are assigned to their customers and their customers to do what you want, and implement what you want, and achieve the aspirations of the hopes, and the destruction of our country, and the destruction of our homelands, and the diaspora of our people, tearing our nation, and the loss of our future, but Jewish dreams and wishes of Zionism, have worked for it long, and paid in the process a lot, and conspired with the whole universe to be, as the survival, and achieve their security and safety, and reversible risk for them, and a threat to their interests, and endangering the security and the future of their presence, and that they are not absent from the scene, nor are late for contributing to, and intervene where they see a benefit to them, and withdraw when they believe that their withdrawal is better for them and better.

It was in the Israeli Government and the army, and intellectuals, journalists, and rudeness wonderful, strange and impudence, and blatant interference and frank in Arab affairs, as is their opinion what is going on and happening, as if they were brothers and brothers, and friends and neighbors, and have the right to have a role and opinion, and advice and counsel , which is practiced by all Israelis, the public before the special, in the street and through the media, and in seminars, conferences, and public dialogues and on the pages of newspapers, and if they are not criminals, and have never be bombed and killed, and occupied and expelled, and seized and desecrated, and committed the most serious crimes and the most serious violations, Vibdon as if they are wise, and wise, and humane and Houdarion, calling for justice and reject oppression, and do not accept silence about the crime, nor silence about to tell the truth because it is a virtue.

They talk about human rights, and that the rights of the Arab growled dignity, and deprived of their rights, and that his life is sacked, and his property looted, and its sanctities is protected, and it is exposed to die cheap a price, and kills dozens, hundreds without accountability nor accountable, and that it bombed mercilessly, and received over vertices Lava and explosives, which kill indiscriminately, and destroy brutally, and Ieibon the world’s silence and the silence, and Ihradwnh to intervene in time they see fit, to be the world’s role in the protection of the Arab citizen, and victory for his dignity, and the preservation of his life, and do not allow the forces of rival attacked him and killed him.

Instead, they are demanding change Arab entities, and write off the common denominators among its population, and re-formed again, relying on the partition on the new standards, take into account the interests and benefits, and take into account the security and safety of their entity, and this is not as they claim under one Arab country, combining its borders Each of minorities and ethnic groups and religions, to be side by side with the Sunni Arab majority, as they think this state have failed, and have caused substantial damage to the components of their people, have not been able to maintain a legacy of racial and ethnic history.

Unfortunately, the Zionist entity feels without a bit of comfort and tranquility, and a lot of confidence and self-esteem, and it seems to panic nor fear, nor inhabited by anxiety and concerns the danger that used to be controlled by over six decades ago, which dyed his fear and caution, and always made him At the top of preparedness and readiness scores, but now he feels that he has overcome the challenges, and defied the odds, and fell from the front of the armies that were frighten, and the forces that used to be threatened, and no longer in front of what is believed to be threatening its existence, it is aimed at survival, and displays the identity of the cancellation, and its citizens at risk, and the future of the demise of his being.

Is probably feel a lot of schadenfreude in systems threatened its security, and targeted the stability of his being, and caused damage to its citizens and its residents, and preoccupied army and its institutions, and confused many years his plans and projects, when it sponsored the resistance and embraced, and Autea and hosting, and supplied with weapons and enabled them to training and organization, and granted offices and headquarters, and the rules and camps, and supported their positions and boosted its slogans, and stuck to the Palestinian goals and the Arab constants, and called for the restoration of rights and liberate the land and the expulsion of the occupier, which made it possible for the resistance in the region, and laid down deep bases in the earth, and easy to have expansion and proliferation, and the expansion and influence, and to speak out, and enabled them to attend and participate and representation and imposing view.

Israelis aspire to be them what is happening share and wages, and a large share worthy of their mark, and worthy of their neutrality, they claim that they did not interfere with the team against another, and did not Anasroa a party, they had no business on the ground team represented, and fight on their behalf, so they are waiting to have their Arab cake that is divided and a duty incumbent a significant share, but they are looking to do their division and distribution, knowledgeable understanding of the region and its interests, and I know their affairs and served, so why not be the ones who carry the border partition and pen knife.

Arabs do not realize that they are serving their enemy, and they empowered him in the ground, and they are performing his role on behalf of, and he uses them to his interests, and Askm for his service, and that what is happening in the Arab region will not serve anyone but the Israelis and its allies, and that the victim of everything that is happening are our peoples and our countries and our goods, Flanvq and we wake up, we return to our wisdom and our mind, and Naham ourselves and our future, and our children and generations, and to give up some of us to protect what remains of our heritage, and otherwise it is not dreaming after today homeland one, nor a unified Arab nation, albeit with an eternal message. ∞∞∞∞∞ CLICK HERE FOR MORE »»»»


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