Russia: Alliances, and inflame Almrashid .. raids Lion! Local Haj Algerian writer

Published August 27, 2015 by godshope1971

In an interview Saturday, chirp Ali Jannati Iranian, and Omran Zoubi Syrian, within the cosmic squadron, anti-terrorism, and the atonement, under the banner of “Alobzai” al-Hakim, al-Assad, Bashar, and before that arrived Mufti Top Diar stamens, and a large Hbihtha, Ahmad Badr al-Din Hassoun, to speak at Algerians, and recommend to their imams, to exercise prudence and caution, imprisonment for extremism, may storming the place, and the entity, appended his words, by implication, and after that Tlagafth, the hands of the police, of the masses of the audience, angry “and you in Syria, Assad, a lesson, O men of understanding”!

Terrorism, and incidentally, it conquered Assad aircraft, and missiles, warheads more than a hundred of them, and once, in a popular market, Duma, in the eastern Ghouta, and to coincide, with the aid of logistics, Russian simple, “I do not Thouk, nor Tellouk he Tobeiralafraanh, limited the “old” aircraft, the MiG-31 type, and missiles “Used”, from Alchornt 5 type, and artillery field, to help, another leader of a secular stronghold, the protection rackets region, from the fundamentalists, the infidels, the softest and Akram, enlarge …….?!


And always massacre, and many others, have comrade Bashar, has devoted himself to the most important, the extermination of excommunicating wage earners, to be all the political initiatives of the system, Loyal, delirious, a throwback, valves Takazir, oregano resuscitation, a sample, a message missed, only Moaz al-Khatib, head of “Syria Mother,” which decided to refrain, all meetings of consultation, “skylights,” until …, which is so tucked honey in creamy, habit man always. “deaf” dialogue, invincibility still sectarian, and the predominance of humane death, approach equivocation, Atto and aversion ..

Assad has persisted game art, it is not possible, the specificity of the punishment over, pinching of the people, has fallen victim to, the will of the Baath statement, and mirrors the vision of defiance, and the tournament, and Takhareef comedy “Parents.”

Cityscape Blood Falls, and the pyramids of corpses Hall, in the arena of schadenfreude, watching, and the Nile, Ndhat are free from the Levant, and Hrairha

Punishment absurd, racist landmarks, consistent with the law of al-Assad, steadfast, and condescending to isolate the victims.

Bashar incinerators, and a more rigorous, Nabu cruelty, and reckless, Tnavh to consolidate feet dictator, Bvetoh flowing, Manhal of my contract, scrambling, harbingers of extremism, link, and the regional meeting, contact the filter line, the identity!

Heyday bet berths, Syrians pay the cost prohibitive, to ward off evils, neighborhood mg, lurks disgruntled Arabs, the Russians alliances, and the mullahs.

What is done by Assad, of simultaneous raids, with an international communication, to resolve the bloody crisis, necrosis Per blades, fair battlefield, which is an extension of the current tyranny, glitter criminal fingerprints, the wings intensified its promises, her will, and took shelter by the mob, campaign aspirations, revenge, historical , shallow ..

In the meantime, bravado killed, pilgrim eloquence sincere, and prudence effective, and curb the imams of exclusivity, laparoscopic revolutions, and defamation to terrorism, the Arabs, it is not astrologers, Alillabeyen, not to postpone the discount, before they disappear determination, and firmness, Leo The same, that mode solution, and the link … ∞∞∞∞∞ CLICK HERE FOR MORE »»»»


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