Qatar: Egyptians in Kafr “Askar” .. indefinite ?! By Local-Haj

Published August 17, 2015 by godshope1971

Call Qatar, to mediate in the dialogue, combines the Egyptians the military, the Muslim Brotherhood, although initially met with steel, absolutely pivotal turning point, and bump the beginning, to the end of yesterday, coup, he founded a roadmap to a bloody, make a difference, patch tragic ?!

New Horizon, to resolve crumbling crisis, since the 3 of July 2013, and that approach “possible peace”, which is rejected by Cairo, at present, in the context of mad security briefing, Extreme, for Mushir, and winding, and based on packages of war, and the resolution of Almnadzh, Balgelbh, and annihilation historical, and the coverup.

Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, Pulse Pumpkin revolution, and the commander of the achievements of “rhetoric”, and canals, stresses his tone, against anyone who wants to reward Egypt, and demands from rejected the coup, and the dispossession of dignity, and spirit, to raise their hands, and keeping abhorrence, and shares, and their plans, but “innocent “!

Askar Egypt, and their estimates, and attitudes, that, mimicking the Lashkar-e-Algeria, and who refused dialogue, at the beginning of the nineties, of the last century, and stipulated that renounces the historic leadership, the political, the Islamic Salvation Front, winning, Boglbouaph parliamentary seats, the end of the year 1991, the violence, the irony , she was lying inside the prison, and its men in exile, and the depths of deserts!

Lashkar-e-Arabs, after all popular coup, refused to edit the political scene, and the “sissy” Egypt, denouncing at this time, marked by honor war, mass and immortality, any initiative, to inject the blood, and the imprisonment of violence, what reached the man, it was not out of the blue, and it can not be sacrificed easily.

Two full-size, from raising sedition, in negligence capacity, and recklessness, and the flame of maliciousness, and revenge, with the mobilization of street, angrily roaring, won him alliances, sued by the military, at the height of the collection of harmony, Dhalthm bodies and coffins, corpses, and Lahoud, and the sniper intentional, Per abstention, of chastity, and the rule of borders, and wealth.

Tender my neighborhood, and royalties on blank, pushed freely burning, rags, and escalate strife, Balloukiah, and the dilemma of belonging break, and uterus!

Poisoned meals, is priced Onevsa sick, gutting everything and everybody, and to fertilize the land of Egypt, have made death and destruction, or promoting the theses of militancy, momentum higher the banner of terrorism, after setbacks, and agonies.

Degeneration destructive, not to Egypt before him, has been compounded by the fascist propaganda mouthpieces, hallucination and refracts.

Showing the culmination of innocent human lives, humanitarian Bfezaat, then west to Aigv at length, having delegated, and the tasks entrusted to act, those who supported the throes of coups, and built with conspiracy, Sorouh sinful glory, will not be a substitute for stability in the thing.

Dialogue is not tomorrow, and the Egyptians, pinions, and corners, Joavi, and Rhymes, hoping to leave the military Kafr, new initiatives, specifically the Gulf, may turn the page on the absurd, and Alhos, though Bajil name! ∞∞∞∞∞ MORE »»»»


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