New York: A binary moment.

Published August 17, 2015 by godshope1971

In the battle to thwart the deal, New York Senator Chuck Schumer’s decision to come out against was a binary moment. Had Schumer, whom nobody can accuse of being a political lightweight, backed the accord, the campaign to stop it would have been over.

House minority whip Steny Hoyer’s position, which he is still considering, will also be significant. Former majority leader Hoyer (D-MD) was in Israel last week leading a group of more than 20 mainly freshman Democrat legislators. A Republican delegation followed a few days later. Both groups met with Netanyahu. Word is that the Democrats came under enormous pressure not to go through with the long-scheduled trip to Israel, where it was clear Netanyahu and other Israeli officials would highlight objections to the deal. The pressure failed. ∞∞∞∞∞ MORE »»»»


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