Iran: Muscat a political giant, by Khaldeiasrh

Published August 17, 2015 by godshope1971

Our politicians Arabs are like cave dwellers, who do not move except for the need to eat and drink or to declare war, but they are not looking for projects and solutions that save the region from its evils, they never care about, this, but this idea, do not apply to the ideal of Omani political movement in its view files region. Especially in the rapid changes taking place in the region time.

America on home soil met with Iran with the utmost calm to reach common ground to remove obstacles to the signing of the agreement ending the Iranian nuclear issue, the result was positive on July 14 in Geneva. It is home set off towards Yemen fired release Alrhaian French held there by the extremists of al-Qaida, and also contributed to the release of three Americans detained in Iran, and tried to communicate with the parties to the recent Yemeni conflict, in order to sit down to the negotiating table, and an end to the ongoing war there with minimal losses.

And at home I received Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem on August 17, 2015, to find ways to end the Syrian file, where he confirmed Omani Foreign Minister Yousuf bin Alawi during a meeting with his Syrian counterpart on: “The time has come to put an end to the crisis in Syria on the basis of meeting the aspirations of the Syrians to combat terrorism and achieve security and stability. ”

The teacher came to visit at the official invitation of the Omani, not the desire of the Syrians, and this means that the real Oman leading the initiative, sees it as a way to solve the Syrian crisis, especially since the political movement in which the genie out of the bottle as close doors, shut the windows.

This trend is calculated to Muscat political and conscious mind, with the ability to understand the situation of the region and its needs, and without regard to the problems faced by the countries in the region with its neighbors.

Away from the media dust, and the actions of the political parade, the ideal policy Omani wheel moving with the utmost calm, which contributed to the consolidation of the belief that Muscat is able to move in the region, by after considering that distinguishes politicians from knowledge unparalleled in the Arab Gulf, Fmsagt Qaboos, took on Neutrality itself, but to get away from explosive transfer zone files, but that this distancing itself did not exempt it from responsibility Find logical solutions runs from the heart of its policy.

It is true that Amman, the only country in the Arabian Gulf that can rely on its cadres in the state administration, internally and externally, unlike other Gulf states, they are – that is, Oman – invested in human, was not aimed funds in sinks urbanism, and race in entertainment, wherein, real-trained cadres, Do not rely too much on foreign management and ministries and institutions, as the rest of the Arab Gulf states, for example, the impossibility of importance to find Omani delegation includes the flanks in a Pakistani or Indian, a representative of the Sultanate at a medical conference, for example, as the rest of the Gulf States!

This trend is calculated to Amman, and its leadership, and its people, reflected positively on the domestic and foreign policy, which has become a modern world, the ability to contain the enemies and friends together, and combine them to get angry without party at the expense of Allakhr party.

All of these files worked on Muscat and still so far, without a media flashier, or review, they believe the results, and solutions, to calm the atmosphere, and rearrange the region.

Who would have expected that dominates Muscat Gulf policy, and adopt such a serious political issues, and find a solution to the satisfaction of all parties, who had been expected to advancing Muscat, in this field and delayed the rest of the Gulf countries, about it.

Muscat Aaahlha move to re-arrange the Gulf, so that becomes the capital of Sultan Said bin Ahmed Al Busaidi – founder Busaidiyah State – Historical again, sends a beacon of hope for a better tomorrow in the Gulf, as it was previously, particularly as it has the makings of the ingredients for it.

Is Muscat succeed again, as a mediator Trdah all parties? ∞∞∞∞∞ MORE »»»»


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