Jordan: Newspaper Rajoub will not be able to enter Jordan again

Published August 11, 2015 by godshope1971

The Palestinian leadership began with its weight steps «encirclement» crisis in relations with Jordan resulted from blurry Palestinian voting in the International Federation of Football «FIFA» elections, at a time when the Jordanian authorities began the first bureaucratic procedures for withdrawing Jordanian nationality from leader Major General Jibril Rajoub.

Chaired on Tuesday, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas «political relevance» visited the Jordanian Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein at his home, in an attempt to contain the differences that resulted from «FIFA» elections, at a time when a bilateral agreement was reached on the insulation between any feedback Jordanian affect the President of the Federation Palestinian ball Gen. Rajoub and relations between itself with power.

President Abbas was accompanied in the visit, a delegation of senior Palestinian officials. Observers believe that this visit reflects the implicit recognition that Rajoub did not give his voice to the Jordanian candidate against Joseph Blatter, contrary to what was confirmed by the first few times.

He informed Palestinian source familiar with «Quds Al-Arabi» authentication impossibility of granting Rajoub his voice in the election of Prince Ali, and ensuring direct relations with Jordan, which Abbas push for the implementation of the visit, according to the source, the Jordanian Prince of traditional and social way.

The Jordanian Football Association made the decision to close the page elections «FIFA» Prince Ali said he would work to raise the level of Jordanian teams … at this time issued a government authority headed by Rami Thank God commends the extensive statement in which Jordan and standing to the side of the Palestinian people for decades.

The Rajoub had left Amman International Airport to the bridges on his way to Ramallah on Monday evening, the center of «security escorts» Jordanian and showed the actions taken at the airport during transit Rajoub as the size of Jordan’s desire to inform him that he can not return to the territory of Jordan anymore.

Al «Quds Al-Arabi» of an official Jordanian source that the authorities allowed in the last moments of Rajoub to disembark from a plane carried him from Tunisia amid security guard to protect him, as reported, were demanding registration of crossing into Jordan officially passport «Palestinian» although he holds passport, a Jordanian, a step means that politically Oman process of withdrawing her passport from General Rajoub.

On this basis Rajoub went without making any statements from the airport to the center of Ramallah, a security guard escort and across the Palestinian citizen and informed that he would prefer not to return to Amman.

Happened as authorities actually began on Monday evening, the first steps to change the status of the local «civil registration» for Rajoub, which means the first steps to withdraw the national number, and thus carried by Jordanian nationality since more than ten years with a group of leaders of the first Palestinian ranks.

And it decided to follow-up and Inspection Department of the Interior Ministry to inquire about the civil registry Brigade Rajoub file after the issuance of a direct order from the Minister of Interior safety Hammad, as I learned «Quds Al-Arabi», a move that means Rjouh the possibility of changing the legal status of the restrictions Rajoub documented in Amman and thus withdraw his nationality.

And it opened the words launched by Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein immediately after his return to Amman from Zurich about Rajoub vote in the last election the door to «institutional procedures» for the first time against the head of the Palestinian Football Federation.

And numerous novels in the meantime about «prevent» Rajoub from returning to Ramallah from Tunisia across the Amman airport.

Local reports said that the authorities allowed after the intervention of mediators to Rajoub cross from Amman to Ramallah «the last time» that can not cross from Jordan anymore, according to the content of the report published by the newspaper «Ammon» Electronic. An audit could not be reached at the official side of his novel.

The Rajoub has raised a storm of controversy in Jordan following the lack of information about his vote in favor of Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein in «Viva» elections despite the fact that Rajoub swear military honor Voice of Palestine that the orientation of the Jordanian Prince of orders directly from President Mahmoud Abbas.

There was no official explanation about any government action against Rajoub, but Prince Ali announced the Jordanian TV that he does not want to speak on the issue of Rajoub, pointing out that Rajoub vote for it «According to him».

The phrase «According to him» opened the door of interpretation concerning the resolution of the issue of the Palestinian voice that raised a lot of hype. ∞∞∞∞∞ SEE MORE ∞∞∞∞∞


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