Israel: Spotlight on the Israeli press June 3, 2015

Published August 11, 2015 by godshope1971

Obama: We can not defend Israel in the Security Council because of Netanyahu’s position on a Palestinian state

US President Barack Obama said during an interview with the editor of “reality” program in the second channel, Ilana Dayan, that in the light of the stalemate in the peace process and the many conditions posed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in all matters relating to the establishment of a Palestinian state, the United States will find it difficult to the defense of Israel before the European initiatives to push the resolutions in the United Nations.

Obama alluded to the possibility that the United States not to use the veto during the vote on the initiative, which intends to put France on the Security Council to make a decision in the Israeli – Palestinian issue. He learned in the wake of the broadcast meeting with President Obama, the Secretariat of the Israeli government turned the letters to all Ministers and their deputies not comment or make any statement respect to statements Obama.

Obama said during the meeting that Netanyahu’s remarks against a Palestinian state before the elections were clear and unambiguous, adding, that Netanyahu clarification after the elections actually included a statement about the possibility of establishing a Palestinian state, but it seemed an attempt to return to the status quo. Obama said, “Netanyahu put a lot of conditions, but think that can be implemented in the near future is unrealistic.” He said, “The danger inherent in this is that Israel will lose its credibility in all matters relating to the peace process.” Since now the international community does not believe that Israel is serious about the two-state solution. Prime Minister’s remarks only reinforced the feeling that he is committed to the (two-state solution). ”

Obama has made clear what he meant when he said two weeks journalist Jeffrey Goldberg before he will be Netanyahu’s remarks before the elections against the establishment of a Palestinian state and against Israeli Arabs, the dimensions of US foreign policy. Obama said: “We have Arqlna even today, for example, European efforts or other efforts. We told them that the only way to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is only if the parties work together, the challenge is that if indeed there is no opportunity for a genuine peace process, and if No one believes it is already no peace process, then we will be difficult to discuss worried about the construction in the settlements or the status quo. would be difficult to say to them, “showed patience and waited for it to have a peace process.” And then they can only be Augeona to the statements that have been made and affirming the the existence of any process. ”

Obama has made clear that, in its sole discretion, it will be difficult to reach an agreement in the framework of the present time, between Israel and the Palestinians. “I do not think we will be able to get out of the Camp David or from somewhere else, and we looked for each other’s hands.”

Obama denied the claim that the strained relations between him and Netanyahu grown for personal reasons, but he has been very critical of Netanyahu’s speech in Congress before the Israeli elections. Netanyahu also attacked on the subject of the future of the democratic values ​​of Israel, and related what he called Obama “the exploitation of intimidation policy.”

Obama said that the issue of speech Congress belongs to the past, but at the same time said he would have acted as Netanyahu’s reaction: “I think I’ll be fair if I said that if I came to preach in the Knesset without coordination with the Israeli prime minister, or you will negotiate with Yitzhak Herzog, for example, , Vsisod feeling that he was not respect the rules of diplomatic behavior. ”

She wrote, “Yisrael Hume”

It emerged during the meeting that Obama holds Israel responsible for the political deadlock. He pointed out that the appreciation Netanyahu: “calls into question the ability of the Palestinians and the Israelis to cooperate for peace.” He said that “Netanyahu is a politician interested in preserving the coalition and on his throne.” He added: “There are fears the government pays to act accordingly, and I understand this, but my claim against Netanyahu is that it seemed wise and cautious in the short term, it can be seen that he is not sane in the long term. It would be difficult for us to defend Israel before the United Nations resolutions.”

The US president said that “young people in Ramallah feel that their opportunities are limited as long as the status quo as it is. If they wish to remain Israel and the Hamas opposition, what is the hope that you can give him to them? We are always trying to create a balance between the policy that gives you hope, and the frightening politics, This is a frightening political responses that guide the government in Israel. ”

Obama went straight to Netanyahu, saying: “In all my conversations with Netanyahu never suggest that Israel give up its security against the chances of peace. The issue is not” Come not to be naive and expect the best, “but in the current situation, when there is to Israel’s enemies, we have to adapt to solve The problem, because if you have not done so, the trends in the long run is very serious. ”

Netanyahu: “Security in only rely on ourselves.”

She wrote, “Yisrael Hume”, quoting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, said yesterday, “When we are talking about the security of Israel, I am confident first ourselves, and proof of this is the agreement that is being elaborated between the great powers and Iran, which will pave the Iran path toward many of the bombs, and it provides its treasury billions. ” He said Netanyahu during his attendance to train the domestic front, that the money would reach Iran in the wake of the agreement, “will allow the continued arming our enemies long-range missiles, or other weapons, as Stzlh machine of war and terrorism has, and that works against us and the Middle East, which is the most dangerous several times from machine Terrorism has Daash, although Daash also very serious. so we do what we can for the security of Israel. ”

Netanyahu’s comments came hours this insightful broadcast of the interview with the President of the United States, Barak Obama before, and transpires from Obama’s remarks that he insists on access to deal with Iran.

State of disorder and severe anxiety in Israel about the success of the boycott campaign

Dealt with all Israeli newspapers, today, and the habit for almost a week, the international campaign for a boycott of Israel and that achieve more successes accession of international organizations it constantly, particularly what is happening in European and American universities of symmetry with the Palestinian people in the face of the Israeli occupation.

While the Israeli government is dealing recklessly with the opposition warnings and international bodies of the dimensions of its policy against the Palestinians and the threat that stalked by isolating and region in many areas, most notably the areas of academic and cultural, as well as boycott settlements products, has begun waging a systematic campaign to counter the province in particular threats since Conference FIFA at the end of last week, that although Israel claims to achieve the completion of the (!), but it’s clear the growing concern about the situation of awkwardness caused by a decision of the President of the Palestinian Football Union Jibril Rajoub, drag it to the FIFA Congress, and force it to make an international commitment to change its policy On the Palestinian athletes.

And evidenced by the panic and confusion facing the Israeli government through a number of measures are being worked on in an attempt to launch a counter-attack on the international boycott movement. In addition to recruiting foreign ministry and all its diplomats in the world, along with Prime Minister’s Office, in the campaign to counter what it calls Israel’s “disarmament legitimacy”, in contrast to the fact that the campaign aimed at ending the occupation of Palestinian territories and not write off its body as it claims, it is noted recruiting columnists in Israeli newspapers in this campaign, the pro-government policy is adopted sweeping in its claims to them, and some of them trying to determine the difference between a campaign aimed at ending the occupation and the alleged “destruction of Israel”.

The effects of particular concern to Israel, yesterday, the decision was taken by the Administrative Committee of the Union of National university in Britain (NUS), to boycott Israel, and join the international boycott movement (BDS). Despite the attempt Ministry of Foreign Affairs mitigation of this decision, but he noted its impact on programs to counter the boycott campaign, which reached an end an order from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to work in Sweden against the movement “break the silence” Israel, which will open this month in Zurich exhibition exposes the crimes of Israeli occupation in the Palestinian territories , depending on the statements made by soldiers and officers in the Israeli army.

In the subject of a resolution the Union of British university, the newspaper “Haaretz, wrote that this decision, which was supported by 19 members, compared with 14, is not new, but ratifications again on an earlier vote was in August, during the process of shelf steadfast in Gaza, it has not been submitted for approval in the conference (NUS), which took place six weeks ago.

The paper points to criticize Jews university organization and “other organizations” member of the Union, this vote, which was at the request of the Organization of academics in the Faculty of Eastern Studies and Africa in London – SOAS). He wrote Vice President of the Federation (NUS) and Joe forget to network Twitter that “anti-Semitism is similar to the virus, she turns to cause infection boom touched by all that. I turned to (BDS) and transferred to infection (NUS)”.

And university leaders claimed that the Jews took control of right-wing extremist views on the Administrative Committee. It is said that this committee refused last October to vote on the proposal to denounce the Islamic state, claiming that it would be considered out of fear of Islam.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Jerusalem Commenting on the decision, that “the decision of British Student Association to impose boycott on Israel is the decision does not have any practical effect, it is the body for as long expressed his positions against Israel in the past, rather than the expression of his hatred against Israel, it is best for students British that even a little bit interested in learning the history and understand that the difference between hatred between the statements and preconceived notions about sordid crimes is not great. ”

Protest to the Swedish government

As part of the same campaign, I wrote, “Haaretz” that Israel made a formal protest to the Swedish government about the exhibition, which will be organized by the movement “break the silence” of Israel in Zurich. A senior official in the Israeli Foreign Ministry said Israel’s ambassador in Bern, Yigal Kasefi, contact yesterday the President of the Middle East department at the Swedish Foreign Ministry and asked him to stop funding the exhibition, organizers. A senior official in the ministry, who declined to be identified, said Kasefi “strongly protested” and claimed that the exhibition is busy in distorting the image of Israel, so the Israeli government is concerned about the fact financed by the Swedish government.

It is said that the exhibition, which will open this month, includes statements made by soldiers and officers in the Israeli army about the violation of human rights of the Palestinian in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Site nrg Israeli and dissemination of two weeks ago that the Swedish Foreign Ministry supports the exhibition and the amount donated to him 15 000 Swiss francs, in addition to tens of thousands of francs donated by the municipality of Zurich.

The Foreign Ministry said that the Swedish head of the Middle East section in front of record Note Kasefi, but the ministry does not comment on talks with the ambassadors. Said a spokesman for the Swedish foreign spokesman, Jean-Marc Kravasier, that Switzerland is committed to a just peace between Israel and the Palestinians, on the basis of two-state solution. He said: “We believe that the care of by all parties to international law, is an essential condition for continued peace in the region.”

It is learned that Deputy Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Hootoopele, ordered the embassy in Berne to work to cancel the show, she said, “that the ministry will continue to work against those working against Israel at home and abroad, and will not go beyond it when the organization, do not they only his image IDF soldiers distortion , to work on the international scene with the aim of causing damage to Israel’s image. ”

She said the organization “break the silence” Makbh: “We are proud to access with the show to Zurich after introducing dozens of times across Israel, in order to put up a real dialogue on the values ​​of the state. We regret that official bodies in the government supports the campaign undemocratic does not affect only by organizations of human rights in Israel, but deform the face of Israeli society to the world. We are pleased if that was Hootoopele other official bodies arrived at the show to hear the soldiers and the management discussion instead of resorting to means of repression cowardly and violent. ”

Special Knesset session to discuss the matter

In this context, I wrote, “Yedioth Ahronoth” The general assembly of the Knesset, held today, a special session to discuss the international standing of Israel’s successor in the growing call for the world to boycott them and harm its standing.

And initiated the debate in the Knesset, which will be under the title of “boycott and delegitimize Israel in international organizations”, three MPs from three blocks: Michael Oren (all of us), Michal Rosen (Meretz) and Nahman Tea (Zionist camp). Tea and he said, yesterday: “We have to think of a way out of the well, which Israel fell into it.”

Tea will be held today, also, a conference in the Knesset with the participation of specialists, to address the Israeli – US relations and the impact of the crisis with the Obama administration on Israel’s international standing. He said: “You can not evade the discussion of this issue. We reject the idea of ​​punishing Israel by the provincial or sanctions, but it must be a political solution on our part, because the stalemate will lead to deepening deterioration.”

And intends Attorney Michael Oren, a former ambassador to Israel in the United States, to speak to the Knesset about his personal experience with BDS system. He said yesterday: “What happened in FIFA is just one arm of our warfare Unfortunately, Israel is investing in this battle is currently lower than invest it in a tank battalion or F 16. We have a plane to understand that without protection will not move the tank will not take off the plane. This is a strategic danger and we must increase resources to fight it significantly. ”

Attorney Rosen intends to point the finger towards the inside. It said yesterday that the “boycott initiatives are the product of our behavior problematic as well. Israel occupies another people 48 years ago, and the movement of civilians to the occupied territories and work problematic on the international arena. Is not enough to reject all of criticizing us by claiming that he is moving out of anti-Semitism. We must work to end occupation and go into the political process and, in particular, address the root of the problem and not just the results. ”

Jewish campaign donors Etjndon

She wrote, “Yisrael Hume” said senior Jewish donors in the world, will meet with activists in the pro organizations to Israel, at the end of the week, in the framework of the Committee to discuss ways to fight the wave of hostility to Israel, and that universities participate in the United States, and specifically against the BDS movement, which calls for Israel boycott .

This meeting comes at the invitation of the American Jewish businessman and donor Sheldon Adelson and his wife d. Miriam Adelson, will be held in the hotel “Vencian” which belongings in Las Vegas. And behind the idea that this meeting Touraha to pay medical research, depends essentially on cooperation between the various parties to contribute to the development of track and access to quick results.

It is said that Jewish donors in the United States has long been talking about the need to join forces in the struggle against BDS. Among the businessmen and the many donors Jews who will participate in the program, an Israeli-American businessman Haim Saban, will also participate in the program initiator in the area of ​​the Israeli-American real estate Adam Milstein, who stands at the head of the organization of IAC.

Continue the struggle against Israel after FIFA

In the same vein settlers site “seventh channel wrote” The issue of Israel’s exclusion from FIFA is no longer on the front, but the international struggle against it by the provincial organizations continuously to the maximum degree, particularly against the backdrop of the recent achievement.

And dealing with the subject and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for several years without interruption, where reports say that in recent days have increased knowledge of the activities of the Israeli anti-Israel, by the delegitimization organizations. The expert explained the diplomat Yaakov Vainkelhtaan of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which deals with the subject, the seventh channel we are facing a “big battle include attempts to denounce Israel in various international forums. He pointed out that success in the FIFA Congress was the foundation stone and” message that Mrrnaha to several parties responsible, is that Israel is willing and ready to fight in defense of the good name, and we have friends all over the world and we have successes, so nothing is guaranteed.

To the Minister of Science that Danny Danon decided to appoint a session next week with the heads of universities in the wake of the boycott campaign against it by anti-Israel parties and seeking to impose sanctions on Israeli research and researchers.

Dozens protesting against the destruction of Qassam cemetery in the country, Sheikh

I wrote the newspaper “Haaretz” that dozens protested, yesterday, in front of the Magistrate’s Court in the “Alcreot” (north of Haifa) during the discussion of the court to ask for a private company to allow it to evacuate Muslim graves in a cemetery country Sheikh displaced (upon which the town of Nesher day).

The protesters waved banners in Arabic and Hebrew that read “We are all against the desecration of the graves” and “open graves punishment for the living and the dead.” Company “LTD crore” and claims it bought the property rights on the land of the cemetery (which includes the remains of the martyr Izz al-Din al-Qassam) in the seventies and abandoned her land to be used for burial. According to the document presented in court has ratified the Magistrates Court in Haifa in 2000, the evacuation of the Islamic graves.

But the Islamic Waqf in Haifa, which has Sharia Court to appoint its members, claims to be in charge of the cemetery and not a committee of trustees appointed by the State Waqf (this committee was involved in the sale of many of the former territory of the Islamic Waqf in Haifa). Accordingly, the Commission considers that the cessation of legal action void because it is not a party to the deal. The lawyer said Khalid Darwish, a member of the Islamic Waqf in Haifa: “We can not evacuate Atalibona graves and took bones of the dead in order to build a business there.” He indicated that the Muslims have stopped burying their dead in the cemetery since the forties (after the Nakba).

Court criticizes the ease sanctions on the security prisoners decisions

I wrote “Haaretz” that the Administrative Court in Beersheba, criticized the Commission for the release of prisoners, for its decision to shorten the period of detention of a number of security prisoners detained in Israel. It is noteworthy that each detainee spent two-thirds of his sentence to apply to reduce the period of his detention, whether criminal detainees or prisoners security. It is imperative to convince the Committee that he deserves his release before the end of his sentence. After the publication of the Commission’s decision, it can appeal to the court on behalf of.

She said it was on behalf of the South during the last three months to provide 12 such a petition, the court ratified on 11 of them. Two weeks ago, prosecutors filed a petition against the Commission’s decision to release prisoners convicted of throwing Molotov cocktails and pipe bombs and stones. He criticized the judges of the Court during the trading behavior in the petition to the Commission on the release of prisoners and wrote that “it is not unreasonable that the Commission ignores the stroke of a pen responsibility for public safety and safe, when discussing a request for the release of prisoners committed irregularities threw stones and Molotov cocktails.”

He indicated that the Commission justify its decisions that the prisoners will not return to commit the same offenses in the future, based on their commitments to it. But the judges wrote in their response to the petition regard to prisoner of Sebastia, “The Prisoner statement that he would not repeat it did not suffice. We concluded that the Commission’s decision suffers from a serious lack of this possibility can not be done.” Judges also criticized what they called the “Committee to ignore the point of view of the Shin Bet about the seriousness of a number of prisoners” and therefore “the Commission ignores the reality.”

Canadian Foreign Minister: Israel’s sincere friend and partner

I wrote “Yisrael Hume” said Canadian Foreign Minister, Rob Nicholson, who is visiting Israel, he wrote on the eve of his arrival, that “Israel’s friend and partner sincere. We will continue to examine the right of Israel’s existence and prosperity as an independent state for the Jews, and the recognition of its right to defend itself and its citizens.” Adding that “Canada is committed to its position toward real peace between Israel and the Palestinians and supports negotiations for a two-state solution for two peoples.”

And it is expected to meet Nicholson Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the head of state Reuven Rivlin, as well as with Palestinian Authority Chairman Abu Mazen. Nicholson arrived in Jerusalem after a meeting in Paris contractile international coalition against al Daash.

Knesset committee refuses to talk about the Israeli occupation

I wrote “Yisrael Hume” The Knesset committee rejected the appeal of MKs Issawi Freij (Meretz) and Aida Toma Suleiman (joint list) on a resolution presidency Knesset not to allow discussion of the passage of 48 years since the (occupation) 67. A member of the Knesset Freij The Knesset ignore the fact that 48-year-old of occupation. MK Mickey Zohar (Likud) “There was no occupation and the matter was not urgent.” Freij replied: “Since the Six Day War and the occupation affects us.”

Decision not to investigate with Khalifa al-Zu’bi on one pronouncements

She said, “Yisrael Hume” The Attorney General Yehuda Vinsten and lawyer State Shai Nitzan decided not to police demand the opening of a criminal investigation against MP Haneen Zoubi, which equaled during a meeting with a news site 2, in the Internet, in October 2014, between Israeli soldiers and the terrorist organization Daash.

Deputy Attorney General of the State (for Special Assignments), Amit Weissman, a policy that the Attorney General is known, they are trying to reduce the possibilities to open a criminal path touches excesses in the freedom of expression, and in the dissemination of political incitement, contractile in particular. ”

Israel continues to broader training home front

I wrote “Yisrael Hume,” The Home Front training, “turning” reached its maximum degrees yesterday, in the hours 11:05, and 19:05 pm, where I heard sirens high and low points in the streets of the country. He asked the citizens to work in accordance with the directives of the leadership during the firing of rockets after hearing the beep and access to a safe place is the most appropriate for them according to the length of time granted to warn them.

Home Front officer, Gen. Yoel Strick, said yesterday during a visit to the municipality of Tel Aviv: “Exercise in the framework of the annual program. It is key to the success and resilience in emergencies. Because we are in the emergency hours we will face such cases that have been rehearsed. He stressed Gen. strick The aim of the exercise is to not broadcast the panic, but to prepare for such situations. He added: “I am confident of Israeli citizens. You must prepare and take responsibility, which allow us to work on the offensive experience, produce results, and on the home front that gives breathing space strategy. ”

Hezbollah denies being an Israeli attack

Yisrael Hume quoted by the Lebanese media as saying yesterday that the Israeli air planes attacked sites noon and objectives of belonging to the organization Hezbollah in the Bekaa region in Lebanon, on the border between Syria and Lebanon. All the media reported that the attack resulted in casualties.

After the attack shortly Manar network of Hezbollah, reported that no basis for these reports that Israeli warplanes hit targets belonging to Hezbollah in the area adjacent to the border with Syria. However, it must be noted that the report of al-Manar network reported that an Israeli warplane crossed Lebanese airspace and the air sorties low over the Lebanese Bekaa region east of the country near the border with Syria.

It does succeeded organization Daash access to the Gaza Strip?

Write “Yisrael Hume” in its response to this question is posed that if one goes to the reports from the sector, the Hamas in the Gaza Strip security forces to liquidate activist Daash, 27, from Sheikh Radwan neighborhood in the city, after trying to blow up the headquarters of west of Gaza City police. According to reports, after the failure of his plan Daash activist barricaded in his house and he refused to surrender to the forces of the Hamas security.

The report also said that after he began shooting toward forces was shot and killed him, and during the search, which took place in his home, after the fact, found many weapons and tools of war and propaganda material for Daash. The supporters Daash in Gaza had sent the day before yesterday issued a statement to the media in Gaza, claiming that if the security forces of Hamas did not stop the wave of arrests against supporters of the Salafist Daash and regulations in the sector, the activists Daash will attack the security forces.

The statement said that Hamas loosely deal with Israel, and that the security services of Hamas activists pursuing Daash and Salafist organizations in the Gaza Strip. Senior Palestinian officials said it was not clear Daash number of supporters in the sector, and according to estimates, the numbers of up to several hundred.

Officers and soldiers of the Druze seeking against the decision to dismantle the unit “Akeb”

Yisrael Hume reported that a group of senior officers and soldiers Druze, made the day before yesterday, a petition to the Supreme Court against the Commander in Chief of the Army General Gadi Eisenkot decision to dismantle the unit “Akeb”, after 41 years of residence. And it belongs to the majority of the soldiers who are serving in this unit to the Druze community.

The petitioners claim, and Behm officers demobilized members of the Druze in Israel Association and a group of soldiers and officers who served in the unit, that unit contributed to the integration of 299 young Druze in the army and then adapt in Israeli society.

And warns them that dismantling the unit will lead to a significant drop in the percentage of recruits from the Druze in the Israeli army, and the breadth of the phenomenon of denial of service.

It is said that the number of servants in the ranks of the unit “Akeb” arrives today to 400 soldiers, while serving about 2,300 Druze in the Israeli army, and in accordance with the decision of the Commander in Chief of the Army, during the next month will stop the army from the conversion of soldiers to the Special Unit, and two months later, Unity will be dismantled once and for all. As it will be integrated into the Druze in the ranks of other Army units. The Israeli army explained that the decision was made after it became clear that the vast majority of the Druze community prefer not to serve in a separate unit, but in other units of war in “the great army.”

The launch of Channel Palestine 48

I wrote “Haaretz” that the Palestinian Authority launched, yesterday, especially Arab citizens in Israel television channel. And bearing the name of the channel (f48) – Palestine 48, and will be broadcast via the Palestinian cable TV network “Pal Sat”. Palestinian officials said on the lookout to detail that this channel will address issues related to the lives of the Palestinians in Israel. It came the initiative to launch this channel by Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas. And holds the power and the PLO finance this channel that the board of directors headed by the Minister Riad al-Hassan.

It was Hassan had held in recent months of meetings and contacts with many destinations in the Arab sector in Israel to push this channel. Arab and will produce local companies produce software and reports are converted to channel studios in Ramallah. And it will begin official broadcasts on June 18 th, with the first day of the month of Ramadan solutions.

Palestinian sources said the newspaper “Haaretz” that the opening of the channel is part of an attempt cohesion with the Arab public in Israel, “the Palestinian leadership will understand that it will not be a political solution in the foreseeable future, and this leads to a change in the perspective of the Palestinian Authority decided to end ignoring Palestinians in Israel in the context of the Palestinian-making system.

Regev abolish the support of the Ministry of Culture to view it depends on the documentation of Palestinian

He wrote settlers site that Minister of Culture Miri Regev decided to cancel the ministry supporting dancer “archive” of the display, which relies on pictures taken under the guidance of the organization “B’Tselem”. And writes the site that attacks the B’Tselem technical and supply, said the decision came after a long period of claim that he can not be canceled auspices of this program because of legal considerations.

We recall that those behind the show, is the artist Arkady Zaides, who works on the integration of movies have been filmed by the Palestinians by cameras and distributed them organization “B’Tselem”. According to the source the offer has sparked outrage among many Israelis, and also in the ranks of the Jews in the world when he learned that he will make the offer to their communities.

Popular anger has increased when it turned out that the Ministry of Culture logo appears along with the sponsoring agencies of view. According to the ministry’s statement that “in this case and because of complaints that we received about the form of the contents displayed in the Arkady Zaides exhibition, has been transferred subject to judicial adviser in the Ministry of Culture to examine whether the offer involves the induction and exceeded the Penal Code, which is a reason to go to Chancellor the judiciary in the Ministry of Finance, on the grounds that the entity authorized to issue a decision on the withdrawal of support. Also, the Ministry of Culture intends to request to remove the logo from all bulletins offer, based on the real fact wrong and misleading that appears as if the ministry granted the patronage of view or partner funded. ” articles

Israeli intelligence: the goal is to touch Abbas to Israel in the world and not to return to negotiations

Writes Zvi Harel, in “Haaretz”, he was against the background of the formation of the new Netanyahu government, and the issue of the statements of the Israeli and Palestinian sides, there is to predict the majority of Israel’s security arms that the leadership of the Palestinian Authority is no longer believe that through political negotiations with Israel will yield any results , and it does not expect that the leading direct or indirect talks between the two sides, to any progress in the peace process. According to this estimate see the security services, said the authority “heading towards administration’s policy” confrontational “- a public struggle against Israel, in the non-violent majority at this stage, by trying to undermine its position in international forums.

It believes that these efforts will not be confined to the corridors of the United Nations. Step taken by the authority of the World Federation of Football Associations (FIFA) reflect the intention of the Authority to take similar measures in dozens of unions and other organizations.

Palestinian President has despaired of the political channel, both because of the absence of results in earlier rounds of negotiations, which often took place intermittently and short, during the period of the Netanyahu government, or on the back of Netanyahu’s contradictory statements in recent months, about a two-state solution. It seems that Abbas is convinced that Netanyahu’s intentions is a waste of time without any tangible progress in the political process until the end of the mandate of the US President Barack Obama, in January 2017.

It is estimated Abbas, like Netanyahu, whether he was elected US president from the Republican Party, or was elected Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton, the new US administration will offer positions to pro-Israel than the positions of the current administration. There is the impression in Israel now, that the United States is seeking to prevent a political confrontation between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, at least as long as is not signed the nuclear deal with Iran, which is supposed to be at the end of June, but he does not rule out that are postponed. Against this background postpone France currently, at the request of the United States, the draft resolution on resolving the Israeli – Palestinian conflict, to the Security Council.

In the meantime States is working to convince the leadership of the Palestinian Authority during the period to refrain from taking actions near the international arena, Israel can be considered extreme, as in the request to join the International Criminal Court in The Hague, in the beginning of this year.

Since the government decided after the elections, edit Palestinian tax money, it has been recorded improvement in the security coordination between the two sides level. She told the newspaper “Haaretz”, military sources of power continuously working to prevent terror attacks in the West Bank. And respect the fundamental concern of the Shin Bet and the Israeli army two-lane potential. First, the continued unilateral operations, special operations and run-over appeal in East Jerusalem, and the second is linked to the military networks of Hamas, which continues to work very, Off.

It became clear in the past that the Israeli intelligence coverage over weak in the Hebron area, which has worked in the cell that kidnapped and killed three boys from Gush Etzion last June. The Israeli army does not currently diagnosed a clear danger to the outbreak of a third intifada in the coming months. It seems that the leadership power struggle administration favors the international arena, and support, as needed, demonstrations popular in the West, and it’s going to work in order to prevent the outbreak of violence find it difficult to contain it.

The danger of the outbreak of large-breed confrontation in the center of the flames been left behind by the rest of the West. This could happen as a result of a clash between Palestinians and settlers, especially against the backdrop of another conflict over the Temple Mount, similar to what happened last October, the frequent visits of the members of the Knesset from the right background to campus.

Assad deepen cooperation with Daash in order to save power

Tzipi Bar’el writes in “Haaretz”, the US embassy in Damascus wrote at the expense of the “Twitter”, yesterday, that Assad is collaborating with Daash. According to the embassy tweet: “I strongly condemn the use of barrels of gunpowder Assad regime in Aleppo and its surroundings, which has killed at least 70 civilians.” The embassy said: “Reports indicate that al-Assad initiated the air strikes to help Daash on the progress of Aleppo, supports extremists against civilians.” As I wrote the embassy: “We note a long time ago that the Assad regime to refrain from war fronts where Daash fights Contrary to his claims that he is fighting organization”.

Bar’el writes that these reports should not be surprised, because this cooperation did not begin yesterday. This is how the Syrian government buys oil from Daash at a low price and sell it to civilians. Strangely enough, he is pumping the oil from the oil fields captured by the organization in Syria. But the most important part now lies in the cooperation in the military field, and fight against other rebel militias, especially against the “conquest” Army, which unites a wide range of militias, including the victory of the Front for al-Qaeda. For example, the ongoing military movements in the province of Aleppo.

The strategic goal of Daash in the region is to control the transport arteries linking the militia forces and rebels in the north of the country and between Turkey, which is the most important communication logistics for the rebels. This strategy is coordinated with the Assad army, which continues to attack the city of Aleppo from the air, leaving dozens of people dead. The purpose of this military action to occupancy military forces of militias “conquest” of the Syrian army and free, which is planning to take over the city, and create a buffer zone between them and the city itself and cut off the territorial contiguity between them and the Latakia region, a stronghold of the Alawites loyal to Assad. Cooperation between the regime and the army does not depend on the Aleppo Daash


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